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Welcome to Talent Insights, a dedicated space for influential talent executives to share their insight and deep expertise.

As a publication, we receive countless applications for article ideas every day, and while we value the personal stories of every individual in the talent and HR space, we simply cannot connect with everyone. Here, however, we’ve made it easier. 

In this Q&A series, we garner strategic insights, innovative approaches and challenges overcome from C-suite talent and HR executives, chief talent officers, chief people officers and more who are shaping the future of talent management through a simple, streamlined process.  

Here’s how it works:

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  2. The Talent Management editorial team reviews the submission.
  3. The Talent Management editorial team follows up with any individuals whose Q+A they wish to publish or who they would like to pursue an article or interview with.
  4. The content is published on Talent Management’s site.

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