The Skillspocalypse shouldn't make you shiver - here's why

Don't panic! There is no "Skillspocalypse" on the horizon. In this special episode of Voices of CLO in partnership with Cornerstone, Chief Learning Officer's managing editor, Liz Loutfi, speaks with Cornerstone CLO Marc Ramos about skills development, and what learning leaders can do today to prepare their leaners for the future.

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Stacey Boyle, learning strategist and value consultant at EdCast by Cornerstone explores the five skills your employees need to stay relevant.

Boyle has more than 25 years in the L&D field as a strategic consultant. Her professional journey includes a decade of working as a learning strategist for clients of the top three eLearning vendors. Boyle has designed and delivered measurable change initiatives with Fortune 500 companies (e.g., McDonald’s, Verizon, BMW, Allergan Pharmaceuticals), federal agencies (e.g., Defense Acquisition University, NASA), nonprofits (e.g., Greater Twin Cities United Way and CareerEdge) and school districts.

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Stacey Boyle, learning strategist and value consultant at EdCast by Cornerstone shares best practices for how to transform to a skills-based organization.

Join Jennifer Borun, senior director, analyst relations at Cornerstone, and Steve Goldberg, HR tech advisor, influencer, analyst and thought leader, as they discuss how to keep your organization agile in today's market. 

Thriving in the Global Skills Shortage

Since the pandemic first swept across the globe, much has changed in the world of work. Out of necessity, we conducted a global experiment in remote and hybrid work. Employers were forced to contend with economic threats and learn how to adapt. 

In our 2022 report, we expanded our research scope to get a truly global picture of how employers and employees view their organizations’ continued investment in skills, their ability to influence talent and business outcomes, and their response to the pandemic. We also examined how organizational performance factored into those investments. 

How to Launch a Skills-Forward Talent Strategy

It’s been said that 2020 brought about three years of digital transformation in three months. The initial phases of that transformation centered on adapting to the dramatic and sudden changes thrust upon us, such as enabling remote and distributed workforces to simply work, communicate, and collaborate.

Developing a skills-forward talent strategy can help you unite people growth with business success. This guide outlines four key steps involved in this strategy. Let’s dive in.

Nothing Pays off Better Than Learning

Examining the cost savings and benefits of Cornerstone’s learning and content solutions.

Cornerstone is used by over 75 million people every day, but what’s the bottom-line impact on their organizations? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM study to find out. Spoilers: The results were so good we made this infographic to show off.