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The Power of a Positive Employer Brand

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The Power of a Positive Employer Brand

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How do potential employees view your company?

You’re probably already aware of the trends: Businesses are struggling with hiring and retaining qualified employees, while job seekers are actively looking for employers with a culture that incorporates concern for their mental health and well-being. That makes a mindful employer brand essential to secure top talent in today’s competitive environment.

Our new e-book can help your organization showcase its commitment to a mindful culture. In it we examine the importance of communicating and integrating mindfulness into your organization to effectively recruit, onboard, and retain high-performing employees. It offers guidance and practices at each step of the journey to authentically promote a mindful culture attuned to the needs of today’s workforce.

A great culture also impacts your bottom line: according to a report published by LinkedIn, it can result in 50 percent more qualified applicants and a 28 percent lower turnover rate. Happily, there are concrete steps you can take to highlight your reputation as an employer and attract top-performing candidates.

Download the e-book to start infusing more mindfulness into your employer brand.


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